Consultations - Educational

Based on more than twenty-five years as a college teacher and consultant to public and private schools, I have developed expertise in evaluating the fit or match between student and school setting.

In addition to my clinical practice, I have provided educational consultation to high school students and young adults seeking to identify the right college fit for them and to develop an efficient and effective college application strategy. This process ranges from an interview based assessment and college matching process to a more in depth personality and intellectual assessment leading to a selection of compatible college options. While it is best to begin this process by the middle of high school, some students aren’t ready yet to project themselves forward before the end of their junior year. An initial phone consultation will reveal whether your child is ready for this exciting process.

I have also consulted with parents regarding educational options that are often presented to families well before college which include the questions of  private or public school, gifted or regular education programs, home school vs. regular school and sometimes the option of boarding school is considered. I welcome the opportunity to assist parents in tackling these difficult decisions which are frequently not as critical as they seem at the moment.


As a licensed Psychologist, Dr. Fleishman is also credentialed to evaluate and document the existence of learning disabilities or mental health conditions that might require accommodations for the future college student to be successful. In some cases, students who have already been identified with a disability and have received accommodations in high school will need to have their previous evaluations updated as part of the college application process. Dr. Fleishman is able to provide the necessary evaluation procedures to complete the update in a timely and cost-efficient manner.