Orientation & Approach

My education, training and practice have been underpinned by the understanding that our genetic makeup and our personal experience from birth influence our emotional, behavioral and thinking patterns. When these patterns are the source of dysfunction and distress it is important to address the genetic and historical connections to these patterns to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and, most importantly, to implement an effective treatment plan.

I typically begin both the diagnostic and therapeutic process with an initial diagnostic assessment. This would typically include a clinical/developmental interview, observations and in some cases the administration of psychological tests. The result of this initial assessment can lead to different interventions including individual psychotherapy, parenting education, the referral to a colleague whose therapeutic approach would target better the client’s therapeutic needs and/or a referral to a medical physician for a medication consult.

In situations involving younger children who are experiencing emotional/behavioral struggles, I typically work with the parents and children together while giving parents the tools they need to become therapeutic parents to stabilize their child’s mental and behavioral status.

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